Proofvision Outdoor TV

Quality Outdoor and Weatherproof TVs from ProofVision

Have you ever wondered how to combine your love for outdoors and watching TV without having to worry about the weather?

ProofVision offers a great range of outdoor TV’s ranging from 32 inches up to 55 inches.

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax with your beloved ones, or best friends, enjoying a lovely day, good food and drink, the latest sport games or that great movie, without having to drag your TV outside and being afraid it might get damaged?

Our resilient, waterproof, and solid range of outdoor TVs guarantee a top quality experience at an affordable price. No matter what the weather conditions, outdoor TVs will withstand water, snow, and sun exposure ensuring top viewing experience in any circumstances.

  • Full HD LED TV
  • Anti-reflective screen
  • Auto brightness adjustment
  • Military toughened glass
  • IP 66 Rated with a slim      and compact design
  • New built in vibration      speaker technology
  • Super thin 55-62mm depth